Unleash the full potential of your YouTube channel – Now!

With tailored YouTube consulting to more subscribers, more views, and more income.

Turn your channel into a success story with strategies that work and personal support that really helps you progress.

480,00 €

Why should I do this? 🤔

You’re wondering why you should invest in YouTube consulting right now? It’s simple: Because it turns your passion into measurable success.

With individual consulting, you sharpen your channel strategy, stand out from the crowd, and connect effectively with your target audience. You’ll get not just more clicks and subscribers, but also build a loyal community that remains active and grows. In short, you’re investing in the future of your channel and your brand.

What I can help with 💪



Most YouTubers wander through the YouTube landscape without a clear plan towards their goal and get frustrated trying to “hack the algorithm.” I can help to get a clear view of where your strategy may be going wrong and how you can get closer to your goals.


Title & Thumbnails

Good titles and thumbnails are almost more important on YouTube than good videos and are really hard to master. Together, we can develop titles and thumbnails for new videos, and I will analyze your old titles and thumbnails and provide suggestions for improvement on how you can increase your views on old videos as well.



You’ve been investing tons in YouTube for years, but just can’t achieve the results with YouTube Ad Revenue to offset your expenses? I’ll show you ways and means how you can monetize your reach and make money besides YouTube ads.



A YouTube video stands or falls with the right idea for the right target audience. I will help you analyze your target audience and tell you which ideas you should pursue and which ones you’d better let go of.



Video editing is not just about cutting as quickly and hectically as possible and adding loud explosions. I’ll take a look at your previous videos and give you tips and tricks on how to best optimize your edits for your target audience.



Professional video production doesn’t have to be expensive or insanely complicated. Together, we will take a look at your current film set and how you can make big changes in your production quality with little money.

What if all this doesn’t work out for me? 🤔

If you feel that all this hasn’t helped you and you are still just as clueless after our phone call, then you will get your money back. 100% and without further questions.

FAQ ⁉️

Can we cover multiple topics?

Of course! But it’s not about cramming as much as possible into one session. I’m sure you’ll benefit more if we really delve deep, rather than rushing from one topic to the next.

Can I book you for longer sessions?

If you’re still interested in further consulting after our conversation, just ask. I am also happy to offer follow-up conversations.

I haven’t even started a channel. Can you help me anyway?

To be honest: that is the optimal prerequisite. Starting with a blank sheet of paper and getting help right away can save you a lot of unnecessary frustration.

What if I have to cancel or postpone our call of if I come to late?

Cancellations and rescheduling up to 24 hours before the appointment are no issue at all.

However, if you arrive late without notice, I can’t guarantee that I will have time to extend the session afterwards, and the time you were late will be deducted from the duration of your appointment.

Convinced? 🤔

480,00 €