The question I get asked the most by far is what equipment I actually use. In order to clarify this question once and for all, there is now this page, on which I explain the answer to this question in detail 😄


📸 The Camera

My main camera is the Canon R6, and I have a Canon 6D Mark 2 as a second backup camera. Even though many content creators have now switched to Sony, I started with Canon many years ago and I am still very satisfied with this decision 😁

🎤 Microphone

The microphone I use is actually not a typical microphone for film recordings. I primarily use a SM58 Shure, which is actually a stage microphone. I have it from the old days when I sang in a band many, many years ago and it still serves me well to this day.

💡 Light

My main light is the Amaran 60X with a cheap softbox and I really love this light! For a relatively low price you get a really handy light with absolute professional features. I can really warmly recommend this light to each of you!

“Every Day” Tech

💻 Macbook

As a content creator and software developer, it’s certainly not unexpected that I use a Macbook 😁 In my case, it’s the Macbook Pro 2021 with M1 chip. Absolute beast, which I do not want to miss anymore!

⌨️ Laptop Accessories

I only recently got into the world of mechanical keyboards and have been using an Akko Black and Gold 3068B ever since. Small and handy mechanical keyboard, but with arrow keys, that was the deciding factor for me! I use the MX Master 3S as a mouse.

🖥️ Portable Monitor

Since I’m not satisfied with having only the Macbook screen when I’m on the go, I also use a mobile screen from Azorpa (and my iPad) to have my usual 3-screen setup when I’m on the go. (Absolute luxury, but I love it very much, haha 😄)

🎧 Headphones

My main headphones are the JBL 500 BT as over-ears for everything that needs good quality, such as editing, etc. Otherwise, I also have a pair of Airpods for listening to music on the go or, for example, in the gym.

📱 iPhone

I resisted Apple for a long time, especially when it came to cell phones, and for a long time I was a big Android advocate. At some point I grabbed the iPhone 13 because of the camera and meanwhile I’m very hooked by the Apple cosmos and the interaction of all devices.

✍️ iPad

In fact, the only Apple device I’ve owned for much longer is my iPad from the 2017 generation. Was an absolute game changer for me when I was studying! Having all my lecture notes with me anytime, anywhere, without lugging around 10kg folders is just so damn much more comfortable.

⌚️ Apple Watch

More luxury than really necessary, but I also love my Apple Watch a lot now. Be it for logging my results in the gym without having to carry my cell phone with me, for all the automatic analysis features such as movement, etc. and for… well, reading the time.